On January 17, 2015, Laurence Xu, a famed fashion designer from China, joined forces with Sheme and staged a wonderful show with its motif named “Dunhuang” at the Paris Haute Couture S/S 2015. This fashion feast was heavily colored by Dunhuang, a place located in a desert of northern China with extraordinary Buddhist frescoes in its grottoes, as if a magnificent picture scroll portraying the glorious history of the millennium-old Dunhuang were unveiled slowly to the audience. As an iconic landmark along the ancient Silk Road in China, Dunhuang’s bustling scene in its heyday gained a new lease of life in Paris, the fashion capital that is tens of thousands of miles away.


2015 Collection. During its premiere at the fashion week, Sheme’s beautiful shoes, an ingenious combination of oriental and occidental art and of tradition and modernity, brings together vogue and archaic charm perfectly. With all details interpreting the essence of high fashion, the collection proved to be of great artistic merit.


With 30 pieces of haute couture garments and dresses as well as  all the gorgeous Sheme shoes, the models, as if from ancient times, brought the audience back to thousands of years ago to let them touch that piece of patchy and brilliant history in the grottoes. As many tiny elements from the high fashion show will be applied to the design of ready-to-wear collection and accessories, the visionary creativity from haute couture often sets the course for future fashion trends. And this is the biggest contribution of haute couture to the whole fashion industry.