In the early summer of 2021, The founder of sheme Linda and our design team went to the residence of the Gaoshan people in Zhangzhou, Fujian to conduct in-depth research, interviews, and experience the daily life of the aborigines.
We dance the bamboo pole dance together to restore the joyful atmosphere when the Gaoshan people celebrated the harvest in ancient times.
When visiting the elders of the Gaoshan tribe for tea, and listening to him explain some special living customs of the ancestors, he mentioned something that interests us very much. The Gaoshan tribesmen will remove the hides of the wild beasts caught by hunting and make something called leather work calendar to engrave symbols to record time and events. A small triangle "  " represents a day, and 365 small triangles represent 365 days in a year. While recording the date, it will also mark special events on special days. For example, a square represents the day when it is forbidden to cut wood, and there are various different symbol of is used to record various ceremonies such as festivals or days of weeding and harvesting ears of wheat, etc.

After delving into this important cultural heritage,sheme decided to use it as inspiration for our Spring/Summer 2022 Gaoshan collection, using the totems in the leather work calendar as the main element of the Gaoshan collection, such as The totem on this pair of "Rendezvous with Sunny Days" is the name based on the atmosphere of celebrating the harvest and major celebrations. When you’re wearing the "Rendezvous with Sunny Days", you can feel the joy of celebration.


The totem on "Wind Breath" is the totem representing the wind element on the leather work calendar. Passion and elegance are our motto. Step out of the confident stride for a smooth and confident feeling
The totem selected for this pair of "Cloud" is the totem used in the days when the terraces were reclaimed. We thought of the white clouds that we looked up at when reclaiming the terraces, so we used a lot of white spaces on the soles of our "Cloud", when you’re wearing the "Cloud" it seemed to be walking on clouds.


"Starlight" is a tale of the Gaoshan people. Tale has it that there were two suns in ancient times. The father was working in the terraced fields. When he went to pick up the younger son, he found that the younger son was melted by the sun, so the father was very angry and took the elder son runs over mountains trying to seek revenge. On this day, they finally found the sun and successfully avenged for the younger son, but at this time the sun said, "Without me, your crops can't be harvested at all. I have helped you so much and you still want to shoot me." The father shed tears here when he heard it, and the tears dripped onto the arrow and father use his hand wiped with his hand and turned it into the moon,then there was day and night. Our "Starlight" presents the tears of my father, a form of transition between the sun and the moon, which is perfectly fixed on our "Starlight" in the most beautiful state.


The "Wonder of life" series is a spiritual scroll drawn by sheme. The combination of multiple totems and various shoe styles implies the tolerance of nature and the symbiosis of all things.

"Nature Aura" is based on the "Wonder of life", and the vitality of every single one of us is also substituted into it. Like nature, we are grateful and tolerant to all things, and achieve natural aura.


sheme integrates the concepts of "sustainability", "tolerance"and "transparency" and the attitude of "worship nature, protect forests, and enjoying life" of the Gaoshan people, using the high-saturation bright colors of the current fashion trend, Created in solid colors, black, yellow, white, chestnut and other colors, after three months of brainstorming, hundreds of sketches were drawn, layers of screening, voting, more than 50 models were made, and three months of repeated trials, In the end, 20 new products were created, including the museum class piece "Natural Aura". The designer presents the sense of rhythm with geometric figures through the connection of density and reality.

Points, lines, and surfaces in the design are presented using different stitching methods, such as circled golden embroidery, brocade pattern stitching, Chinese knot stitch and flat embroidery. sheme Craftsmanship creates a gorgeous texture through the depiction of details by hand embroidery, which is unmatched by modern machine embroidery. A close-up view of the details, the glossy refraction effect of different needle methods, and the inlaid citrine with different sizes, ups and downs, proper density and degree of relaxation.

The attitude of worshiping nature, protecting the forest, and loving life is the crystallized wisdom passed down from generations of the Gaoshan people. The hand-carved leather work calendar dials of the Gaoshan people have been handed down from ancient times to the present. Embroidered with mysterious black and gold totems, creating: Passionate, elegant footwear.