In its pursuit of original design, Sheme has seen Chinese culture running in its blood, as it draws its inspirations from the oriental mystery and charm that is rich in Chinese traditional culture. Driven by a sharp artisan spirit, the brand combines fashion design with first-class shoemaking techniques to display and enrich Chinese culture in a stylish manner, eventually carving out its one-of-a-kind “walking art”. The splendid Chinese culture element, elaborately polished by the design team with international backgrounds over and over again, adds to the shoes both Oriental exoticism and Occidental flavor that are unique to Sheme.


Sheme is the first Chinese luxury shoe brand with a presence in the London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture. Our original shoes were housed by the nearly 100-year-old Deutsches Leder und Schuh Museum (German Leather and Shoes Museum). In 2013, in collaboration with designer Ji Cheng, Sheme landed at the the London Fashion Week with the collection “Peony Pavilion”. In 2015 and 2017 respectively, we worked with designer Laurence Xu to present the collection “Dun Huang” and the “2017 Laurence Xu Haute Couture Show” in Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture. Representative of Chinese top craftsmanship, Sheme also demonstrated the charm and exquisite techniques of Chinese embroidery and craftsmanship to the whole world in Expo Milano 2015.


EleganceCatching the elegance of the silhouette of shoes, our works resemble the unfolded wings of a soaring flamingo and the graceful bearing of a woman with open arms.



With its usage of highly saturated colors, Sheme successfully presents the exuberant vitality of flamingos, which serves as a metaphor for the fiery resilience of women against hardship, thus encouraging women to emanate confidence naturally.