Sheme24 Fall/Winter Ethnic Culture Tour
Immerse in the Nu River: Sharing the Pulse with the Nu Indigenous People

Experience the Nu's Intangible Cultural Heritage: Witness performances by Nu non-heritage singers and dancers.
The pride of the Nu people is encapsulated in their saying,
"If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance."

Drawing on the power of happiness that comes from the depths of the heart,
this inspiration has been translated into the soul of footwear design,
creating the "Nu Song and Dance" series.

 Nu Song
The deepest chants of the Nu people are like the morning dew awakening the sleeping valleys.
Flowing naturally without any embellishment, they are like a mountain spring, cleansing every earthly heart.

The swaying of the dancer's body contains a thousand words.
It is the feather of song, the poetry of the earth, the melody of the wind,
telling the ancient and splendid story of the Nu people.

The designers have abstractly deconstructed the inner rhythm of the Nu people, combining their music and dance with
the paintings of the Rasti cliffs.
This abstract interpretation blends ancient symbols with
modern aesthetics.

Tribute to Traditional Chinese Dress:
Incorporating the structure of the traditional Chinese cloud shoulder,
the design combines ethnic cliff paintings
with traditional Chinese style.
Craftsmanship Workshop: Featuring exquisite non-legacy Shu embroidery,
it took one month to make the 29 colors of embroidery threads,
using six types of stitches such as
halo stitch, point stitch, rolling stitch, and seeding.

Hand-printed Crystals: More than a thousand crystals have been used,
with hand-printed diamonds,
where luster flow and tassels complement each other.
Nu Ethnic Life Depiction:
The design captures the fireworks of Nu ethnic life,
carrying the deep heritage of national culture and craftsmanship spirit.
sheme Team