A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains Aurora Pumps

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This shoe is inspired by a famous painting in China: 《A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains》The painting is the only extant work by Wang Ximeng who created it at the age of seventeen. It is stunning in its sweeping scale, rich coloration, and the expressive minute details. On a single piece of silk, mountain formations and groupings of infinite variety rise and fall between a cloudless sky and rippling waters, extending as far as the eye can see in all directions. Punctuating the spectacular scene, thatched houses, bridges, and antlike figures are described in fine detail.

sheme is the first Chinese luxury shoe brand featuring handmade and original designs to appear in Paris Haute Couture Week, founded in 2008.  Gaoshan Collection‘s inspiration comes from the attitude of Gaoshan people to worship nature, protect the forest, and love life. This piece called Starlight uses silk and lambskin from the well-known Italian CONCERIA STEFANIA leather company of the same quality level as the international first-line brand, Swarovski crystal-encrusted decoration with satin upper, perfectly presenting the starlight as well as showing a lady's elegance.

Silk 60%

Lambskin 40%

Satin upper


Swarovski crystal

Handmade embroderies

Satin heel 6cm

Leather outsole

Leather lining

Warranty card included

Branded box and dust bag

Email us for sheme customising

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A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains Aurora Pumps

700,00 €