Established in 2008, sheme is a luxury footwear brand, persisting in handmade and original design. 10 years were spent in search of best materials, traditional artisans, and shoemaking masters worldwide before being ready to establish the brand. Sheme adapts traditional Italian handmade techniques together with original designs, to create pieces accurately dedicated to enhance women’s beauty with the maximum comfort, achieving the real art of shoemaking. sheme is also the first Chinese luxury shoe brand with a presence in the London, Paris and New York Fashion Week.

Chinese Elements

In the "Chinese Elements" series, each series draws inspiration from different Chinese classical myth stories or poetry and uses a variety of national ornaments.

Bridal Series

In sheme's bridal and dinner shoes, the finest silk is often used in addition to high-quality leather. These materials are decorated in some styles with handmade silk embroidery and Swarowski rhinestones.

Trendy Lifestyle

The lifestyle line is a brisk and concise collection for self-confident women, it is extraordinary due to its special colour intensity.